Snix Left Sofa

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Snix Stainless Steel invents new style for outdoor sofa. Versatile set for patio, garden, and balcony. Three material combined into one for long lasting durability. Arrange the sofa system to fit your fabulous layout. Therefore, Snix sofa fits every contemporary living.

Snix steals your attention with its premium rope. Rope clung into the stainless steel frame. The frame is corrosion and rust free. The seat, is using batyline material, it is comfortable, flexible and adjusted the user’s movement. Accordingly, sleek silhouette of Snix open a space for urban relaxation. In addition, the cushion is removable, easy to wash and weather resistant. Available in several fashionable colors to match the outdoor layout. Nevertheless, Snix Stainless Steel creates room for modern living in common places and residence.